Meet the Team at Porte Veterinary Hospital

Our Doctors

Dr. Jack Middleton

Dr. Middleton grew up in Hillsboro Oregon. He became interested in working with animals because he believes you are able to touch people’s lives and help them care for their beloved family members. Before becoming a vet, Dr. Middleton worked as a software engineer. He is married and has two dogs: Sky and Takari. He loves to go hiking and camping.

Dr. Petra Mottishaw

Dr. Mottishaw was born on a small island in British Columbia, Canada. She graduated from veterinary school in University of Melbourne, Australia after completing an undergraduate degree in marine biology at University of California, Santa Cruz and a Master’s of Zoology at University of British Columbia. Her areas of interest are helping people travel with their pets, preventive medicine and nutrition, holistic care, internal medicine, feline endocrinology and gastroenterology and pet emergency preparedness.

She lives in Santa Cruz with her two cats, Cinnamon and Beans. In her spare time she rides her bicycle, kayaks, scuba dives, and is the emergency preparedness veterinarian for Santa Cruz County, a Sanctuary Steward for Save Our Shores, and the supervisor for a volunteer crew who rescues and treats animals for The Marine Mammal Center.

Our Support Staff


Savanna recently joined Porte Veterinary Team as our in-hospital groomer. She has over three years of experience with grooming dogs and cats. She is trained in all aspects of grooming including breed specific cuts.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and playing guitar. She has quite the zoo of animals to care for, as well. She has two chinchillas, two cats, two leopard geckos, a bearded dragon, and two dogs. Half of her pets have been rescued from unfortunate situations. She loves them all. And they are all very well cared for.

Coworkers describe Savanna as very accommodating. She’ll take time to discuss grooming options with clients and encourages pet parents to bring in pictures to help when describing a specific style or cut. She is known to go above and beyond to provide the best service possible. Clients absolutely love her.

In her own words:

Animals are my passion, and it is my goal to become a veterinary technician.


Katie joined the Porte Veterinary Hospital team in 2014. She earned her B.A. in English Literature from Humboldt State University, but It was during her volunteer experience with local animal shelters when she realized a career in veterinary medicine would be a good fit. She is now enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Foothill College.

Katie shares her home with a grumpy old dog named “Buttercup” and a lovely cat named “Sugar Plum.” In her spare time, she enjoys reading, biking, hiking, swimming, and playing both piano and trumpet.

Coworkers describe Katie as sweet and caring. The doctors are impressed with her ability to draw upon her experience from the animal shelter and correctly apply what she is learning in college to provide exceptional care to pets. Although she is shy by nature, she overcomes it when speaking with clients as soon as they start talking about dogs and cats.

In her own words:

I was so excited when I was hired here at Porte Veterinary Hospital. The entire staff is supportive and accommodating.


Kerrie began working in the field of veterinary medicine in 1978 and has had the opportunity to work alongside many talented veterinarians and staff members over the years. She took several years off to raise her three sons and be an active member in the P.T.A. community. In 2010, she joined Porte Veterinary Hospital and has proven to be an integral member of our team.

Kerrie shares her home with her husband of 30+ years, three sons, two dogs, and three cats. When she’s not busy with three kids and five pets, Kerrie devotes time to her community. She is active in her church and the local P.T.A. She is well-connected in the pet world, too. If you are looking for a local boarding facility, breeder, doggie day care, pet store, dog parks, or specialty veterinarians near Campbell or the South Bay area, ask Kerrie. She will point you in the right direction.

Co-workers describe Kerrie as a natural leader. If clients have special requests regarding prescriptions, food, time constraints, etc, Kerrie will make sure every staff member involved is aware and honors the requests. WIth her background as a veterinary technician, she is great at phone and in-hospital triage. She always alerts the doctors and staff when a really sick or injured pet is about to arrive so the staff is ready to provide prompt care. Kerrie is who you want around during an emergency. She is able to calm even the most worried client.

In her own words:

I am so happy I decided to return to the professional field and to veterinary medicine. I feel fortunate to work in this special community, as I know many clients from outside of the veterinary hospital. Porte Veterinary Hospital is my home away from home.


Mary joined the Porte Veterinary Team in December of 2016. She is currently taking classes at San Jose City College and has already received her Veterinary Assisting Certificate from CCOC.

As a receptionist here at Porte Veterinary, Mary is often the first team member to greet clients, and she does so with her warm genuine smile. Outside of work, Mary loves to spend time with her family and friends. She has a special place in her heart for pit bulls.

Coworkers describe Mary as friendly and curious. She is also focused on ensuring high quality care. Whether by phone or in-person, Mary goes above and beyond to ensure the doctors are aware of clients’ questions, and they address concerns and answer questions in a timely fashion.

In her own words:

I enjoy working here at Porte and my plan is to someday become a Veterinary Technician.