A microchip, as permanent identification, is the best way to ensure your pet is returned to you should they ever go missing because of any number of reasons.

We always welcome in good Samaritans from all over the Campbell area who bring lost pets to us – on a regular basis. In fact, it happens more often than you might think. Just the other day, we took in a lost pet who our staff members immediately recognized as a long-time patient. Even though we knew this pet, we still did the right thing by first scanning the pet for the microchip.

Please give us a call now to schedule your pet’s microchip appointment.

And give yourself peace of mind knowing you’ve provided your pet with the best chance to come home again.

Here at Porte Veterinary Hospital, your pet will receive a HomeAgain® microchip.

The Microchip

The HomeAgain microchip is a tiny device (about the size of one grain of rice) which contains a 10-digit alpha numeric code and is powered-on only when scanned by a special microchip reader. The reader displays only the code. Your personal information remains confidential as it is never stored in the chip nor can it be read by any scanner.

The Injection

Most pets feel very little discomfort when we place the microchip via a special sterile applicator. Many pet parents chose to have the chip placed while their pet is undergoing general anesthesia for a surgical procedure. However, please don’t wait. If your pet is not scheduled for a surgical procedure (spay, neuter, dental, etc) and you are concerned about your pet experiencing pain, please know you can talk to us about your concerns. We’ll chat about using a topical or local anesthetic agent, only at the injection site, to ensure your pet is comfortable through the procedure which takes only a few seconds


We’ll take care of the paperwork for you! Your pet’s microchip number with your contact information is then enrolled and registered by one of the Porte Veterinary team members on your behalf. Upon registration, it is then linked to your contact information within our animal hospital’s software system and in the HomeAgain database.

porte veterinary hospital microchipping

Your Reunion

Should your lost pet be found and brought to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, one of the first things they’ll do is scan your pet for a microchip. The code will appear on the display screen of the scanner. At that point, HomeAgain is contacted about the found pet. The HomeAgain representative will use the code number to look-up your contact information in their database and facilitate the reunion with your beloved pet.

Thus, it is extremely important to keep your contact information up to date within the HomeAgain database.

Luckily, HomeAgain makes this very easy with a special portal just for you.

And you can register all of your pets within one portal, even if any of your other pets have a microchip from a different manufacturer.