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The 7 Most Important Reasons to Follow Your Vet Hospital on Social Media

1. Recalls & Warnings

We follow the FDA on social media and will share mandatory or voluntary pet-related recalls across our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+). You’ll also see us sharing issues or warnings from our own veterinary distributors and/or manufacturer’s representatives.

Social media is the fastest way for us to get the word out to you.

And you can help spread the message far and wide by sharing our posts with your own friends, family, and followers. By doing so, you may help save the life of someone’s beloved pet.

2. Local Environmental Health & Safety Alerts

Have you heard about canine influenza?

Have you heard about the most prevalent tick-borne diseases which can harm people in our area?

We have.

And we will post health and safety alerts on our social media channels when we become aware of only the important issues which are applicable to our neck-of-the-woods. You will not be bothered with posts about issues happening only on the east coast or in Canada.

In addition, we encourage you to let us know when you encounter a pet safety issue. For example, if you frequent a local dog park which is now covered in foxtails, or if your dog comes home with fleas or ticks after a walk on a popular hiking trail, please let us know so we can post it and share it with the pet owners who follow our pages.

We truly can achieve a broad reach if we all band together in the best interests of our pets.

3. Coupons! Special Discounts! Free Shipping!

We partner with companies like Vet’s First Choice, HomeAgain Microchips, and many other companies who often run their own specials and discounts which we then pass along to you.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss-out is to follow us on social media.

Did you know we have an online store (pharmacy, food, and more)? We do!

And they have an incredible offer related to an auto-ship option for your pet’s medication or food.

4. Fur Faces

We’ll work hard to provide your daily dose of “Cat” and “Dog” because it has been scientifically proven that pets are good for our health.

Have you heard about people using “Cat” and “Dog” to stay healthy? Check it out here:

In addition to our monthly “Pet of the Month” contest, we’re also spotlighting four pet pics every month. Watch for our “Spotlight Saturday Night! Look Who’s In the Spotlight, Now” posts across all of our social media channels and here on the Home page of our website.

5. Evidence-based Advice

Dr. Google and Dr. Facebook can sometimes cause more harm than good. Anyone can say anything online.

Please let us help you filter through the enormous amount of information (some good — some downright dangerous) you can find online.

Your knowledgeable veterinary team here at Porte is open to your questions, concerns, and ideas. We welcome the opportunity to chat with you because we want to make sure you have everything you need to make the best informed decision about your pet’s healthcare.

6. Local Events

We keep our ear to the ground and then share news about local pet-related events. Do you know of pet-related events we should be posting? Please let us know. Let’s all work together to spread the news and share the love!

7. Friends & Family

Many of you have been entrusting us with the care of your pets for years – some of you for decades. Please know it is an honor to be your veterinary team and we will never take it for granted. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

However, if we see you only once or twice a year for healthy pet check-ups and vaccinations … well, we miss you!

Please engage with us on social media. Our entire staff loves to see you on our pages reading our posts, watching our videos, hitting the “Like, Love, and Share” buttons.

We are now actively balancing the medical related posts with the more light-hearted and “just for fun” types of posts.

Please engage with us by posting your comments or pictures. Share pictures of yourself with your pets, or pictures of your pets on their birthday, Halloween, or other holidays, let us know how your pets stay cool in summertime heat, etc…

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